Green Cap hint series begin! First few Cafes and Restaurants

Hello friends! We hope for you to have a good time in Helsinki. Therefore we offer you our suggestions on where to go in terms of dining, cafes, nightlife, shopping and museums etc. We’ll be posting our suggestions bit by bit so keep following the blog:) First will introduce some … Read More

Guide introduction: Kimmo

Kimmo Isotalo I am an enthusiastic, fun loving leisure time expert who is always ready for a new adventure. I have done several backpacking journeys in Western and Eastern Europe, China and Siberia, but also many more exclusive trips to places like New York and Egypt. I have a strong … Read More

Our Helsinki-Day hints on a map

Hello Friends! On our tours we’ve been asked a lot for few simple hints for tomorrow’s (12th of June) Helsinki day. It is a massive happening and therefore it is easy to be overhelmed by the events offered. We tried to build a comperehensive map of the recommendations mentioned in … Read More

Helsinki Day – Discover the Capital at Its Finest

It’s coming up again folks! Helsinki Day, on the 12th of June, is the perfect day to enjoy all the quirks the city has to offer. Go traditional and pop into a yurt sauna on Töölönlahti. See the Finnish National Ballet for free at the Opera house square. Dance Finnish … Read More

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