» » Green Cap hints: Juhannus

Green Cap hints: Juhannus

Leo’s pointers for midsummer fest.
In fact, on top of cool evening happenings in the likes of Lonna island, Hernesaarenranta, Kaiku klubi and Tavastia this upcoming weekend – even if other travel services are closed – we’re in full operation, as usual, so midsummer in the city is guaranteed to be a blast at last!! 🙂 So come join us for free walking tours (FWT) at 1300 on Friday as well as on Saturday for the latest pointers, a merry intro to our lovely capital and a get-together among a group of happy travellers. FWTs start from the stairs of the cathedral at Senate square (look for the guide with the green cap and a visibility vest); alternatively, if you want us all to yourself, we don’t blame you, but advice booking a private tour from our web page at greencaptours.com instead. Meanwhile, please enjoy the beautiful video below. 🙂 Happy midsummer folks!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj-VWTEyw1k

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