Helsinki All Star Walk – One tour to rule them all

We are proud to announce our new guided walking tour covering all must-see attractions in Helsinki City Centre. See the sights, hear the legends, learn the Finnish customs, taste the local ingredients and spend a quality coffee break with the locals. Entrance to Rock Church and the coffee are included … Read More

It’s finally here! – Explore Helsinki and Espoo by the new metro line

The Helsinki Metro is one of the easiest metros in the world to travel with. Really. The route map looks like the letter Y, it’s hardly possible to take the wrong line or get lost. Until now, the metro has connected the eastern parts of Helsinki with the city centre. … Read More

One true love of the Finns – Ice Hockey

Wondering what is the biggest event in Helsinki this weekend? It’s Karjala-Turnaus! This one and only, regular and international Ice Hockey Tournament in Finland has been the start for National Teams’ Hockey Season for years. This Autumn Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Canada will start their preparations for … Read More

Suomi on saksalainen – Helsingin kävelyfestivaalin erikoiskierros

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Ylen toimittamien ohjelmasarjojen – Suomi on ruotsalainen ja Suomi on venäläinen – innoittamana Green Cap Tours on tuottanut kävelykierroksen maamme saksalaisvaikutteista. Erityisesti Helsingin alueelta löytyy merkkejä täällä vaikuttaneiden ja edelleen toimivien saksalaissukujen mahdista. Ohessa muutamia esimerkkejä Suomessa asuneista ja vaikuttaneista saksalaisista:   Carl Ludvig Engel – Helsingin pääarkkitehti   Fredrik … Read More

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