Who are we?

We are travelers who appreciate the local knowledge on the road. This is our way to return all of the favors and wisdom offered, as well the sheer fun we’ve had participating on guided tours on our trips around the world. We know that you want to experience something fun and different, just like us. We’ll get you that! While doing so, we will walk you through the basics of Finland. You will also get a taste of the local lifestyle as well as experience some of the diverse subcultures we are proud to have.

Jouko Väärälä

Jouko Väärälä Green Cap Tours

I founded Green Cap Tours. I’m born and raised in Finland, but I have also lived in Canada and Iceland. I have made various trips in various companies in Europe, Asia, Oceania and Latin America. I have a good a sense of figuring out what the travelling customer wants and I’m creative on the solutions. I have University degrees in arts and engineering. On my tours I specialize on Arts, Architecture, Nature, Human behavior and Sports.

Mikael Penttilä

Mikael PenttiläA professional tour guide in Helsinki and Southern Finland with six years of experience. Mikael has a Masters Degree in History (University of Helsinki), specializing in both political and military history.  On his guided tours Mikael likes to talk about both the past and the present: history, culture, society, events, funny coincidences and hilarious stories.

Kirill Krysanov

Kirill KrysanovOriginally from St. Petersburg (Russia), now living in Helsinki. Has a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy and over 5 years of experience in tour guiding in English and Russian languages. Started his career as a bus tour guide in Helsinki for Russian-speaking tourists, but at some point decided to go bigger and started sharing his knowledge with international travellers from Europe, Australia, States and many other countries. Is happy to talk about history, lifestyle, music and art in Helsinki.

Lauri Kallio

Lauri Kallio

I was born and raised in northern Helsinki. Besides Helsinki I have lived one year in Vienna.

A professional guide in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and in the nearby island “Vallisaari” since 2010. I am currently finishing my doctoral dissertation in philosophy at the University of Helsinki. In my doctoral research I have focused on the history of German and Finnish Philosophy in the first half of the 1800s.

In my tours I like especially to address the question, how the dreams and visions of rulers affected the lives of ordinary people. Changes in worldviews through different times is my interest as well.

Leo Aarnio

Leo Aarnio

Excluding stops made along the way in Geneva, Paris and London, I have lived my life in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, currently residing in the central district of Kallio. Although for the past few years I’ve been occupied within the academia, I used to work as a Helsinki Help tourist guide, roaming around the streets looking for those in need of rescue, mostly in terms of connecting their whereabouts with where to head next.

I consider my greatest asset as a guide to be my love for “the daughter of the Baltic”. This has me constantly check how she’s doing by attending the happenings on offer. I take great pride in knowing the capital and sharing its gems with you. Therefore, if you can get one past me in terms of Helsinki trivia or what’s going on, I’ll salute you by offering a drink or an ice cream after the tour.

On top of what’s going on, I am well acquainted with the history of Helsinki. I also know a thing or two about its architecture, shopping, dining, breakfast and brunch joints, cafes, bars and clubs. I am of course interested in everything you are. To help you have an enjoyable stay best suited to your liking makes me happy, so please ask for pointers, be it what to see in terms of architecture or museums, where to eat and drink and go shopping, enjoy a romantic picnic, go skinny dipping from an open access sauna, or simply have a good night out.

Kimmo Isotalo

Kimmo Isotalo

I am an enthusiastic, fun loving leisure time expert who is always ready for a new adventure.

I have done several backpacking journeys in Western and Eastern Europe, China and Siberia, but also many more exclusive trips to places like New York and Egypt. I have a strong idea what a great day & night in a city that you have never visited before should include. I have a Masters Degree in History (University of Helsinki) and I’m currently finishing my PhD.

My specialities are Sports and Finnish History and I also know a lot about activities and nightlife in Helsinki.


Kata Pääkkönen

Kata Pääkkönen

Young and energetic culture lover waiting to show you the best bits that Finland has to offer. In English, Russian or Finnish.

On one hand as university degree student in social sciences, you can expect to hear about Finnish society, politics and culture. On the other hand you will hear how the Finnish food and drinking culture is and has evolved as several years of past work experience have been in Finnish alcohol business.

Sara Itkonen

Sara Itkonen

Sometimes I still see Helsinki from a tourist’s point of view as I moved here few years ago from eastern Finland. It might not be a bad thing when working as a guide, because I am enthusiastically looking for new adventure. It is very likely to be found here in Helsinki! Previously, I have been searching for adventures on my road trip through the US and visited many other countries including Austria, Turkey, Iceland, Greece, Norway and so on.

I enjoy talking about the history of Finland on my tours as it is my major at the University of Helsinki. Finnish music, nature and good food (and mood) suits me as well. See you on the tour!


Teemu Antikainen

Helsinkian with a willingness to share with you the city’s rich history and hidden gems. I take pride in finding out new ways to have a good time in this city, whether it be bars, events, museums, nature or something else.

I have a Master’s Degree in Political History (University of Helsinki) and a few years of work experience as a guide. On my tours I like to specialize in the formation of Finland as a nation state and sharing stories about the country’s presidents (past and present).

Besides Helsinki, I have lived short periods in Austria, Israel and Canada.

See you around and let’s make your stay memorable!

Alexander (Alec) Hölttä

I was born and raised in Helsinki, besides spending five years of my childhood in Morocco. At the moment I’m finishing up my bachelor’s degree in economics at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

I became interested in being a guide while tutoring groups of exchange students at the University, having myself traveled quite a bit especially in Europe. I am highly enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge of the constantly evolving city and culture in English, Polish, French or Finnish. My main interests include football, cycling, music, and cuisine – questions are welcome!


Teemu Seppänen

I started guiding career when I worked in Greece, Spain and Vietnam. Since I moved back to Finland I’ve continued same job here in Helsinki. Besides guiding I work also on radio station. So music and popular culture are very close to my heart.

On my tours you will hear especially about Finnish culture and our everyday life. Also I’ll let you know the most interesting things of Finnish history. Hope to see you soon!