Our fine partners

All the great things are achieved with group effort. Therefore we are always looking for people, companies and associations that share our interest in creating fun things to do and see. This makes us able to offer a wide variety of different services to our costumers and create mutual benefits. If you or your group have an idea about a guided tour or excursion that you could host, contact us and we’ll make it work together. On this page we introduce our current collaborators.


Marival II – Cruises and Island hoppin

Our seaway partner can take you to most of the nearby islands with style and comfort. We do guided cruises togerher or you can use their services directly. The link to their homepage is here https://marival.fi/fi/

The ship has a restaurant, bar and proper restrooms so it can be used flexibly to private cruises. The restaurant area has seat for 50 people and total capacity of the ship is 100. The ship also offers lunch every weekday from 10:30 to 14:30. The ship is easy to find since its anchoring point is right next to the Market square.


050-538 3630

Feel the Nature – Nuuksio National Park

If you want to go out of Helsinki to experience the nearby Nuuksio National park, Feel the Nature is the tour operator to choose. Glide through the water on a canoe and enjoy the silence of surrounding forests. Book a canoeing trip now! Feel the Nature organises the transportation from Helsinki and all the other equipment necessary. Or maybe you want to spend few nights in a Finnish cottage in the woods?The  Finnish Lakeside cottage retreat is for you! Programs are available in several languages. Visit the website for more: info: https://feelthenature.fi/en/

Jolly Dragon – Serious about Fun

Jolly Dragon is a unique and friendly community that integrates international and local people in Helsinki. We organise daily events. With Jolly Dragon you can visit the best parties, speak any language at Café Lingua every Monday, play squash, racketball, floorball or badminton at Merihaan Pallohalli every weekend. Our hosts will introduce you and show around. You can join any activity at jollydragon.org.

Outside Helsinki

The most idyllic industrial Village: Fiskars
The magical atmosphere among the society of acclaimed artists.

Ninjosanto – Our nature and plant expert

“I’m quite an energetic young man who concentrates on nature’s services. I am the one that takes you to tremendously beautiful nature sights, shares knowledge about nature and feels the miracle, peace of mind and excitement with you.

I’m specialized into mushrooms, edible wild herbs and environmental issues. I work under a trade name Ninjosanto founded in 2016. Soon I graduate into a biology and geography teacher. Through me, basic knowledge about Finnish nature is available for you.

I am into traveling that might be called eccentric. It includes hitchhiking, backpacking and couchsurfing in places such as Europe, South America and the US and volunteering in a farm in the Andes. I’m also into exploring hidden and exciting gems beyond urban facade and I’m able to take you to urban exploration adventures in Helsinki. Besides Helsinki, I’ve lived in Ireland and Peru. Si, hablo español tambien.

Come as you are and feel welcome on my tour. Just be openly yourself and let’s go discover concealed gems of nature and urban areas together. You can reach me directly via email: tuomas.lilleberg@gmail.com

Tuomas helps Green Cap Tours develope our nature related tours and he also does own tours with his company Ninjosanto.

Outside Finland

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