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In case it is not possible to start from the indicated address due to specific events or celebrations, the starting point will be outside the main entrance of The National Library of Finland, Unioninkatu 36, Helsinki.


Classic Helsinki Free Walking Tour

Tervetuloa -Welcome to Helsinki, a small and happy city that buzzes with an atmosphere of constant action!
Helsinki Free Walking Tour is designed to give the feel of the city with stories of the history and everyday life of the locals. This is the longest running Free Tour in Helsinki. We have been making it since 2015 constantly developing the content to provide useful yet entertaining package especially for the first time visitors of the city. The happiest country of the world has its controversies and those make it quite interesting. Our society peacefully operates under many contradictory ideas and we are proud of it.

Come; embark on an enchanting walking tour of Helsinki with us, discovering the vibrant nature of the seaside city with iconic structures, beautiful islands, and a great, green urban city in a way like never before! We promise you the most exciting and unforgettable experience, presenting sites and stories that are intriguing, enthralling, and unconventional without forgetting the food and drinks that make the city unique. In order to give you tools and ideas for your individual excursions in the city we have compiled extensive list of hints of what to do after the Helsinki Free Walking Tour part of the list you can also find on our blog post: What to do after Helsinki Free Walking Tour?

We, at Green Cap Tours, aim to provide an honest local view of the city and to give you the best Helsinki experience ever and make our guests feel at home on our Home! We are committed to having a positive impact on nature, society, and economy leaving a low ecological footprint and honoring local cultures. We promote responsible travel by Respecting, Treasuring, Enjoying, and Loving the city and the best choice to enjoy as an enlightened traveler!