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  1. GCT holds the right to decline reservations and/or payments later than 24 prior to the Tour or Event
  2. Customer can cancel his/her participation for Tours or Events with an email or with a phone call
  3. If the customer cancels the reservation later than 24h prior to the Tour or Event, GCT will charge the full amount of the reservation
  4. If Green Cap Tours has to cancel a Tour or an Event, it will be announced on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greencaptourshelsinki/ and with an email to the customers who have given their email address. GCT shall return the payments made for the Tour or Event canceled by GCT
  5. Customer can not cancel any participations for Tours or Events based on bad weather or personal schedules
  6. GCT holds the right to cancel Tours or Events if the temperature drops below -12°C. This decision can only be made by personal of GCT and GCT will inform the customer regarding the cancellation at least 24 hours before the beginning of the Tour or Event
  7. Weekly, public tours can be reserved and paid with a reservation system that can be found from GCT’s website greencaptours.com. Completing the reservation requires a credit card payment. If the customer cancels one’s attendance more than 24 hours prior to the tour or event, the payment will be reimbursed.
  8. Rescheduling the tour is free of additional charges if made at least 48 hours before or anytime if a participant might carry a contagious disease.
  9. In addition to these, general terms and conditions described in sections 5. and 6. apply

  1. Product (Tour or Event) shall be paid by credit card with the reservation system on our website greencaptours.com or it will be reserved with email sales@greencaptours.com and payment method is agreed via email
  2. With reservation, customer is obligated to pay 15% reservation fee or the whole sum of the reservation.
  3. If the tour or program is ordered via email, Green Cap Tours will email payment to link to complete the payment of the reservation fee
  4. If the customer cancels later than 7 days (1 week) prior to the Tour or Event, Green Cap Tours will charge the 15% reservation fee
  5. If the reservation is canceled later than 48 hours prior to the start of the Tour or Event, Green Cap Tours is eligible to charge 100% of the price of the reservation.
  6. Rescheduling the tour is free of additional charges if made at least 48 hours before or anytime if a participant might carry a contagious disease.


3.1 Cancellations and Changes

The customer can cancel or make changes to the reservations in person, by calling or via email.

3.2 Changes made by GCT

GCT reserves the right to make changes to the service or event provided that the customer can be offered a service of equal value. If unexpected increases in costs due to changes in taxes or other charges appear after GCT and the customer has entered an agreement, GCT can raise the price of the service or event with an amount corresponding to the increased costs. The customer must be informed of such changes as soon as possible.

If the event or service cannot be delivered according to the agreement and these terms and conditions, and GCT is unable to provide a service of equal value, the customer has the right to consider the agreement terminated. The customer has the right to consider the agreement terminated if the changes made to the agreement considerably weaken the service from the customer’s perspective. In the cases mentioned in this paragraph, GCT is required to fully refund the customer for all the payments and charges.

If the customer is not present within 10 minutes of the beginning of the service or event they have reserved, GCT is allowed to resell their reservation.


4.1. The prices include (unless otherwise stated):

  1. Guide services
  2. Other services as agreed

For an extra fee, we offer bespoke transportation, dining, or help to organize accommodation services to be included in or paired with other events or services.

4.2.The customer’s responsibilities

The customer is responsible for making all the arrangements and handling all formalities not explicitly agreed on in the agreement made with GCT.

In applicable cases, the customer is responsible for the handling of all passport, visa, permit, and other related matters. GCT will accept no responsibility for any failures to do so.

The customer is expected to pay for the event or service by the date given in the confirmation of order or in a separate invoice. GCT can require a booking fee before confirming the order.

The customer is expected to notify GCT of any errors, mistakes, or lapses in the service or the quality of the service as soon as it is noticed. GCT must be given an opportunity to rectify the issue of complaint. Failure to make a complaint as soon as can reasonably be expected voids GCT of any responsibility.

GCT reserves the right to terminate the agreement if the customer or any member of the customer’s party behaves in a manner that significantly affects the overall quality of the service or if the customer or their party causes material or physical harm or damage. If the agreement is terminated immediately due to these reasons, GCT can charge the customer for the full value of the inflicted harm, with a minimum amount of 500€.

4.3.Complaints and disputes

The customer must contact GCT in all complaint related matters. Complaints must be made without delay to the GCT staff. If a complaint cannot be made immediately or if the matter cannot be rectified with a reasonable solution on-site or if the customer requires further compensation, a written complaint must be made via email (greencaptours@gmail.com) within a month after the service or event has concluded.

In applicable cases, GCT will compensate up to the full value of the service.

If an agreement cannot be reached regarding the matter, the customer may file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Board or a local district court for resolution.

4.4.Force Majeure

GCT will not take responsibility or compensate the customer for any events caused by circumstances that could not have reasonably been foreseen or prevented by GCT when entering an agreement with the customer.

4.5.Handling of personal data

By making a reservation, the customer agrees that GCT will store their personal data. Storing the customer’s personal data is to ensure the quality and safety of the service. Green Cap Tours can use personal data to market their products, but it will never be distributed to any third party without the explicit permission of the customer.

5. DISCOUNTS – Applies to all tours and events

5.1. The prices provided in the GCT marketing material are considered valid until further notice. GCT reserves the right to sell the service for a lower price. Any changes in prices will not adhere to reservations made before the new price has been announced.

5.2. At the time of making the reservation, the customer must notify GCT if they qualify for a discount. Later claims for discounts are not handled. The customer must be able to prove their eligibility for a discount. Only one discount per service per person can be considered, i.e. the discounts do not stack.

5.3. The customer is not eligible for a refund for any services they paid for but did not use.

5.4. GCT reserves the right to upgrade the service from what the reservation made by the customer requires. GCT is not responsible for offering the same upgrade to anyone else.

6. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Apply to all tours and events

The customer is directly responsible for all harm and damages caused to GCT or any third party. In case of force majeure, GCT has the right to cancel the reservation and the customer is eligible for a full refund.

GCT reserves the right to make changes to guides, available languages, and similar matters under unforeseen situations. GCT will do its best to find a fitting solution for the customer in all cases. GCT reserves the right to change these terms and conditions.

GCT and the customer will aim to settle any disputes through a mutual agreement. In cases where a dispute cannot be settled, the matter can be taken to the District Court of Helsinki for resolution.

GCT will not give any information about customers to third parties. Personal information of customers (name, phone number, and email) is gathered to ensure smooth communication regarding the tours and events GCT is organizing for the customer in question.

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