Tunnista ja löydä metsän maukkaimmat aarteet

Sienisesonki on parhaimmillaan ja sienet metsässä odottavat kerääjäänsä! Tämä kesä on ollut paikoin hyvin sateinen. Se saattaa harmittaa kesäfiilistä, mutta luonto kukkii ja sienet puskevat maan eri kolkista hämmästyttäen aina vaan pientä kulkijaa. Kun ulos lähtee kulkemaan, on lähes mahdotonta olla huomaamatta kaikenvärisiä lakkeja pilkistämästä maan lomasta. Monet sienistä ovat … Read More

How to do Juhannus – the celebration of midsummer in Helsinki

Juhannus started from the pagan midsummer festivals which focused on a prosperous upcoming harvest after a long cold winter. It was said that witches and ferries would be confused by the short nights and often let slip visions of the future. Moving to more modern time, the new name Juhannus comes from associating the date with celebrations … Read More

Green Cap Hints: Brunch in Helsinki

Helsinki’s brunch game is strong and whether you prefer the traditional selection of various sweet and savory delicacies, plant-based or an ethnic, even exotic feast for all senses, this city will provide an option for your liking. The best time to enjoy a brunch is during weekends, when you have … Read More

Lapinlahti Former Psychiatric Hospital – unique Helsinki experience

The city center of Helsinki and surrounding streets contain lots of undiscovered must-be-visited places. One of those Finnish gems, attracting not only tourists but locals as well, is Lapinlahti hospital area. All kinds of fascinating, unbelievable stories, from desperate to heartwarming, tragic to hilarious are part of its 176 year-old … Read More

Tips for Valentine’s Day in Helsinki

  In Finland, Valentine’s Day is called ‘Ystävänpäivä’ which translates to ’Friend’s Day’ – so whether you are spending the day of love with your special someone, group of friends or family, you will find a way to celebrate it here in Helsinki. Here’s few of our tips for Valentine’s … Read More

The seasons change, we stay
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Hi Friends! It’s been a while!   (Suomenkielinen teksti alla) Like in Game of Thrones: The Winter is coming. We’ve been busy setting up for it and I’m really excited about what we have cooked up. Green Cap Tours never stops!   First Mental Walk – Guided tour in former psychiatric hospital … Read More

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