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Steen Christensen is a danish career criminal. He was sentenced in Denmark in 1992 to twelve years in prison for numerous bank robberies, hostage taking, and rape. In autumn 1997 he escaped to Finland during an unguarded holiday. During the night of 22 October 1997 Christensen robbed the Hotel Palace in Helsinki. Officers Eero Holsti and Antero Palo were sent to investigate the scene and they caught Christensen on Tehtaankatu. Most of robbers the police encountered where not really dangerous. This was a different case. Christensen surprised the policemen with a weapon and shot them dead point blank. The incident caused an unprecedented manhunt in Finland. Christensen was caught in Hämeenlinna, when he was leaving the Hotel Vaakuna.

Who’s body was hidden in a convertible sofa? Who was responsible for the death of Inga Mylläri? What happened with a fugitive hiding in the attic? Who were the bloodhounds? Find out the answers to these questions and more on the Murder Walk by Green Cap Tours.

The Dark Side

The dark tourism has picked up lately. Nowadays travelers want to experience more than classical sightseeing. Crime and murder stories have always been popular – and no wonder – Murder walks are getting filled up all around the world. For example in London there are dozen Jack the Ripper tours running every day.

Nordic Noir

Northern European countries are the happiest in the world according the studies. However, there are dark story lines involving even the happiest of nations. Nordic crime novels, movies and TV-shows have lately become very popular. Most famous writers of the genre have been Norwegian Jo Nesbo with Harry Hole detective series, Swedish couple Sjöwal & Wahlöö’s Martin Beck series and of course Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with a Dragon tattoo that started a trilogy. The Finns are catching up on the category especially The Healer by Antti Tuomainen getting noticed  with literal thrill seekers around the world. Jarkko Sipilä has wrote a several fictional and factual crime books. His latest: The Dark Side of Helsinki – 100 Criminal Stories has few of the murder stories that we have on our Helsinki Murder Walk.

Crime in Finland

The rate of violent crime per habitat has been quite stable in the last 40 years. The graph below is from National Statistics and it show the number of violent crime per each year between 1980-2017. The development of numbers follow the increase of population apart the few recent years when population has grown yet the crime rate has declined.

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