Green Cap hint series begin! First few Cafes and Restaurants

Hello friends!

We hope for you to have a good time in Helsinki. Therefore we offer you our suggestions on where to go in terms of dining, cafes, nightlife, shopping and museums etc. We’ll be posting our suggestions bit by bit so keep following the blog:) First will introduce some cafes and restaurants where you can spend a rainy day like today, these recommendations are made by Leo who is our number 1 guy on this topic.

We gather these suggestions on a googlemap which you can find here.


Johan & Nyström, Kanavaranta 7 C, +358 40 520 3623. Open from late morning until 17, check fb.
One of the places responsible for starting the hipster coffee craze (we are the biggest coffee drinkers in
the world, but in the past, mostly after quantity rather than quality) in Helsinki a few years back, Johan
& Nyström is one of the central players in the newly established coffee scene among the Helsinki youth.

Café Regatta, Merikannontie 8, Töölö. Opening hours, mostly 9.00-21.00 (check fb or call +358 40 414
A must-go café in Sibelius park. You can visit the Sibelius monument and the outdoor museum of
Seurasaari on your trip, but the café is well worth the trip just for its own sake: it is seriously that special.
Exceptional atmosphere with a beautiful sea-view, most heartfelt service, great Finnish delicacies… You
can grill sausages on a fire and will get reimbursed for a refill of coffee. It’s like you were at the summer
cottage in the heart of town . Pay in cash please.

Restaurants – a la Carte

Main courses 15€ or less

Cella. Fleminginkatu 15, +358 9 768430, Mon. to Fri. 15-02; Sat. to Sun. 12-02 (kitchen closes 21-45).

An absolute classic with affordable big meals including all the Finnish classics, like meatballs, reindeer with
mashed potatoes and Vorschmack, this is the place to go to if you want to try straight-forward, simple, tasty, no
tricks involved Finnish dishes often called traditional. There’s a separate bar as well (the side of the restaurant is
nice and even quite intimate, so works for a semi-romantic evening very well) with a decent beer selection.

Fine Dining

Finnjävel, Eteläranta 16, +358 300 472 341. Mon. to Sat. 18-23.30

Menus of either 7 dishes (79 e) or 12 dishes (115 e). Definitely the “it” place in terms of current restaurants
specializing in Finnish food, a place for cool fine dining. Exceptional design and with some of the leading chefs
of Finland in charge of the cuisine, the food can be nothing short of spectacular, although have not had the
chance – yet – to taste. Reservations absolutely necessary, check: