Green Cap Hints: Good Restaurants for Lunch

We have divided the restaurant into four different pricegroups. We also included colour coordination for prices to display then on our guidemap. Here is the key for the price categories.

high prices (red) (in the range of 30 and above for a main, or only menus for 50 or more),

mid range (yellow) (in the range of 25 for a main),

rather low (green) (in the range of 17-22 for mains)

low (light blue) (in the range of 15 or less),

You’ll find Green Cap Hints on a map here

Check the homepage of each restaurant for menus.

Bröd. Bulevardi 26.+358 9 4784 0111. Breakfast: 6.30-10.30 on weekdays, 7-30-10.30 weekends.
Lunch: Mon. to Fri. 11.30-14. Dinner Mon. to Sat. 17-22 (kitchen at 21).

Bistro seems to be the way to go (as well as serving everything from breakfast to dinner): this is another one of
those casual fine-dining joints (together with Muru, Basbas, Regina, La Maison etc.). I wish the prizes were a
little lower to make the place more accessible, 25-30 e for mains. A critique recently commented that this place
does not know how to make up its mind: is it a bistro or a fine-dining joint?

Café Rouge, Urho Kekkosen katu 4, Mon. to. Fri. 6-18 (lunch 11-15), (opens after holiday on 18.7.2016) +358 40 505 8887.

If you want to try something with a heartfelt service and honest home-made (Lebanese) food, Café Rouge has
been one of the central favorites among the locals for the past few years.

Krog Madame, Lapinlahdenkatu 3. Mon. to Fri. 11-23; Sat. 14-23 (lunch on weekdays 11-14). +358 40
739 7798.

One of the best places for lunch: in contrast with the above, this place is more “cool” than cozy: a favorite among
the local youth, especially (in Finland) the still somewhat rare bunch that allow themselves a drink during lunch
time on (working) weekdays.

Hietaniemen halli, Lönnrötinkatu 34, Mon. to Tue. 8-18, Wed. to. Sat 8-22.

Definitely the trendiest market hall, with nice evening get-togethers with predrinks and tastings on many
Saturdays (check out fb for “Hietalahden kauppahalli”), pretty much everything this market hall offers is
awesome. Mostly “international” food, though, so stuff like Kimchi (from Kimchi Wagon) and one of the most
complimented dishes at the hall, the ramen soup (from Fat Ramen – they seem to be prefer their names pretty
descriptive at the hall, don’t they?). There is also a nice outdoor terrace and the flea market at the square on
Hietalahden tori is a nice place to stroll around and hunt for treasures, especially on the weekends.

Skiffer, Liuskaluoto island. Check out fb or call 045 186 8933 for opening hours.

Pizza for lunch? Don’t mind if I do. If you’re like me, THE nicest place for lunch on a sunny day – I would go
here for the terrace even if the food was terrible – but luckily enough, the island of Liuskaluoto offers Skiffer,
that can boast with some of the best pizzas (well: they call them “liuskas”, since they are pizza with a minor
twist) in town, making this one of the best places in Helsinki altogether. There is a ferry service operating from
the coastal port that is closest to the island (check on the map). Unfortunately, although the ferry ride is only a
few minutes, they charge you a total of 6 euros for the two-way ticket. Still, easily worth it. Check out for daily opening hours and menus, as well as possible clubs (make sure to
go, if there is one – that’s a rare and an invaluable event) in the evenings. There is a nice, short walk to the
popular island of Uunisaari, crossing a bridge, that has one of the nicest beaches in Helsinki, with a view of the
southern part of the capital.

Teurastamo area, Työpajankatu 2. Open early until late on weekdays, from lunch until 22 on

There used to be a slaughterhouse, now it’s been turned into a trendy area for all sorts of occasions and get-
togethers (they call Helsinki the “Berlin of the nordic”) like food and music festivals. This is also a gem for lunch,
with many restaurants serving those with varying needs. There’s a lot of space inside, but the place is especially
nice when it’s sunny. B-smokery has nice bbq ribs. Check out the lunch menu, mostly in English 

Written by Leo Aarnio

Edited for blog by Jouko Väärälä