Sustainable tourism is about making a positive impact on the environment of a destination while travelling. It requires conscious choices from the tourists but also sustainable solutions and framework from the destination and the local government. Finland is an optimal destination for eco-friendly travellers for many reasons. Sustainable tourism in Finland is a very timely theme which involves many industry professionals and the Finnish government. The government is focusing on the development of sustainable solutions hence the goal is to make the capital of Finland, Helsinki, carbon neutral by 2035. 

What may seem like a luxurious sustainability solution to the tourists, can be part of the ordinary life for the Finns. Like drinkable tap water. Don’t forget to pack your reusable water bottle when you’re coming to Finland because the tap water in Finnish households is purer than the bottled water in the grocery stores. By refilling your own water bottle during your stay, you will not only save nature but also money! If you buy drinks from a Finnish grocery store, don’t throw the bottles in the trash. Every grocery store in Finland has a bottle recycling system, where you can bring your empty bottles and receive collateral that was included in the drink’s price when you bought it (applies to bottles bought from Finland only). Fun fact: Collecting empty bottles is a popular means of fundraising amongst Finnish children and young people. 

If you like to take your sustainable trip to the next level, take an advantage of the Finnish everyman’s rights and stay a night in a tent in nature. Amongst many other things, the Everyman’s rights allow anyone to stay overnight in nature (excluding the nature reserves). More about the Everyman’s rights here. Sustainable tourism in Finland is made easier with all of these amazing benefits. Finland as a destination offers a great variety of sustainable solutions that every one of us can do. Even the smallest actions matter!