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How to do Juhannus – the celebration of midsummer in Helsinki 2024

What is Juhannus? Juhannus started from the pagan midsummer festivals which focused...


Finnish Sport Specialities

As an innovative - and a bit crazy - nation we have invented some of our own interesting “sports” that are equally unique and fun! Also inventing a new sport opens up a possibility to gain world champion status in it. 


Helsinki for Families with Children

What to do in Helsinki for families with children.


Finnish inventions

Finnish people are an innovative nation, and there are some interesting creations originally developed by Finns.


What is Sauna – the Cornerstone of Finnish Culture?

Sauna is an important cornerstone in the Finnish culture. They do exist in other cultures too, however in Finland they are part of our national culture and it is estimated that there are more than two million saunas in Finland - which for the population of roughly five and half million is quite many.


Helsinki Stopover with Green Caps

Helsinki – Gateway between East and West Helsinki is a great stopover...


Best Museums of Helsinki

Finland is famous for its education system and equality. Both Helsinki (2000)...


Suomenlinna is mysterious and unique

Suomenlinna seafort is the most visited sight in Helsinki and there are plenty...


How to get to Senate Square from Helsinki port?

  How to get to Senate Square from Helsinki Port?   International...