Green Cap Hints: Brunch in Helsinki

Helsinki’s brunch game is strong and whether you prefer the traditional selection of various sweet and savory delicacies, plant-based or an ethnic, even exotic feast for all senses, this city will provide an option for your liking. The best time to enjoy a brunch is during weekends, when you have … Read More

Green Cap Hints: Good restaurants for dinner
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I like to eat, but can’t afford to do that out as often as I should like, so can only recommend a few places I’ve actually been to, and have to add a few places my friends and other critiques I find reliable guarantee are good, and nonetheless this is … Read More

Green Cap hint series begin! First few Cafes and Restaurants
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Hello friends! We hope for you to have a good time in Helsinki. Therefore we offer you our suggestions on where to go in terms of dining, cafes, nightlife, shopping and museums etc. We’ll be posting our suggestions bit by bit so keep following the blog:) First will introduce some … Read More

More Free Walking Tours!
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Hello friends! Our tour has been so popular, that we’ll answer the call by adding one extra day. Now you can take a Free Friday Walking Tour:) Now on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Every week, all summer!  Come and join the tour! For more information about the tour here: … Read More