What is Vappu?

After a long winter, the rays of sunshine start to lure the Finns out of their caves. The winter has been survived! The climax of spring is Vappu, which marks the beginning of summer. It is always celebrated on 1st of May. The Finnish name for May Day, “Vappu”, originates … Read More

Helsinki All Star Walk – One tour to rule them all

We are proud to announce our new guided walking tour covering all must-see attractions in Helsinki City Centre. See the sights, hear the legends, learn the Finnish customs, taste the local ingredients and spend a quality coffee break with the locals. Entrance to Rock Church and the coffee are included … Read More

Tunnista ja löydä metsän maukkaimmat aarteet

Sienisesonki on parhaimmillaan ja sienet metsässä odottavat kerääjäänsä! Tämä kesä on ollut paikoin hyvin sateinen. Se saattaa harmittaa kesäfiilistä, mutta luonto kukkii ja sienet puskevat maan eri kolkista hämmästyttäen aina vaan pientä kulkijaa. Kun ulos lähtee kulkemaan, on lähes mahdotonta olla huomaamatta kaikenvärisiä lakkeja pilkistämästä maan lomasta. Monet sienistä ovat … Read More

50 Shades of Green – new nature tours

It’s told we need to slow down from time to time – just simply enjoying the scent of the flowers growing close to our houses. That sounds great on theory, but never so easy to apply on practice. Especially for those of us who get used to a hectic, super … Read More

Summer Helsinki tours – new schedules

(Suomeksi alla) Summer is coming, and will bring some changes to tour schedules! The tours will show you the best of Helsinki in summer. Some of the pricing is being updated as well, and new prices are valid from May. For example our nature tours as well as Food & … Read More

Don’t wait! It’s time to see the Forest.
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Evening light in Central Park The leaves are comingThe green invasion is on.You can still see trought the bushes for a momentThe corridor of birchtreesSit down and enjoy the wildernessPinetrees do well on the open cliffsBlueberry flowersPerfect place for all outdoor sportsPathways in between colossal Spruce-trees.Flowers in bloom on alotment … Read More