How to do Juhannus – the celebration of midsummer in Helsinki

Juhannus started from the pagan midsummer festivals which focused on a prosperous upcoming harvest after a long cold winter. It was said that witches and ferries would be confused by the short nights and often let slip visions of the future. Moving to more modern time, the new name Juhannus comes from associating the date with celebrations … Read More

Green Cap Hints: Outdoor Cafes
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When in need of that dark elixir of life, consult this list of cafes. These places have good terraces for outdoor seating but most of them have indoor spaces as well. List of the best indoor places will be posted a bit later. All the places mentioned here can be … Read More

Green Cap Hints: Good Restaurants for Lunch
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We have divided the restaurant into four different pricegroups. We also included colour coordination for prices to display then on our guidemap. Here is the key for the price categories. high prices (red) (in the range of 30 and above for a main, or only menus for 50 or more), … Read More

Green Cap Hints: Good restaurants for dinner
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I like to eat, but can’t afford to do that out as often as I should like, so can only recommend a few places I’ve actually been to, and have to add a few places my friends and other critiques I find reliable guarantee are good, and nonetheless this is … Read More

How to find an ATM in Finland?
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Where can I get cash?This is probably the most common question we get on our tours. Nowadays when paying with card has become so popular in Finland the ATM’s are getting scanty. There is a good ATM search on the website of Automatia, but unfortunately it’s in Finnish. However, it’s … Read More